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President's Page

Dear Homeowner,


The included Violation Process and Procedures Document outlines the current violation process. Please review the document and check your property for any outstanding issues. As of recent, there have been many violations noted in the community. This notification is to make the community aware of the violation process, hearing, and the fines process which will be imposed if the violation is not cured and communicated to Braesael Management in a timely manner.


Please note that this letter is a friendly reminder as well as a notice that the Board will be strictly enforcing this policy moving forward.


Overnight parking in the street or lawns, trash receptacles, and ornamental lawn violations are currently quite heavy through out the community. Note: The Board recognizes and understands that some trash storage container concerns are ongoing. While the board works on a possible resolution, receptacles should be stored inside the garage or behind the home, out of sight. Please refer to the governing documents for a complete list of community standards and requirements.


Thank you for your time and attention making our home a beautiful place to live!



Sunset Point Townhomes Board of Directors 
Braesael Management Company, LLC

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Sunset Point Town Homes Violation Process and Procedures