Sunset Point Town Homes Homeowner's Association Inc. 

President's Page

Dear Homeowner,

Our community is living through some extraordinary times .We are being challenge in life on a daily basis! Braesael and the Board of directors will be focused on the task at hand.  The challenge for the year 2020th is to maintain fiscal security as well as keeping the community safe during uncertain times. The board's vision is to ensure the following: 

-Keep our capital contribution increasing on a yearly basis.

-To provide a strong maintenance service.

-To improve eye appeal through landscape and strong enforcement of our CCRs, Bylaws, ARCs, and Parking Regulations. 


We want to be the place you call home! 

   " A beautiful place to live "


 Thank you to the community and to the Board of Directors.

                 -Vince Toomey, HOA President 



President of the HOA:

Vince Toomey, President of Sunset Point Town Homes Home Owner's Association Inc, accepted the board's appointment as President of our HOA after standing President Roger Brown stepped down in 2019. Vince has previous experience in management and overseeing financial budget flow. He is excited to provide his service to the community and looks forward to the future of the neighborhood. 


Sunset Point Town Homes Board of Directors 
Braesael Management Company, LLC